Tips for Preventing Ingrown Hairs When Shaving

Calm moisturiserIngrown hair is no doubt one of the most annoying problems men have to confront whenever we shave. An ingrown hair as the name states a hair that grows underneath the skin forming a very small bump. It can make shaving very difficult since it stands in the way of the razor. Also, ingrown hairs are usually clearly visible, which completely ruins any chance we have of showing a smooth-skin look.

Since the face is the area men shave the most, it is also the more prone to develop ingrown hairs. However, contrary to what many men think, ingrown hairs don’t just “happen”, but are the result of a faulty shaving technique instead.

Considering this, here are some tips to prevent ingrown facial hair when shaving.

  • Shave on the right direction: One of the most basic aspects to consider when shaving is to always do it in the same direction in which the hair grows and to keep that direction the same as long as you shave the same area. Shaving against the grain (or in the opposite direction in which facial hair grows) will not only push the hair back into the skin, but might also turn to be painful in some situations.
  • Don’t shave if ingrown hairs are present: One of the most common mistakes made when shaving is to shave even when there are already some ingrown hairs present. This will just cut the skin on those areas and will turn an otherwise pleasurable experience into something painful.

In order to reverse this situation, it is best to make use of a couple of tweezers to try to pull the hair out before shaving. In case pulling it out becomes difficult because of the hair being hard to grab, then the best course of action is to wait for the bump to heal itself. This shouldn’t take more than just a day or two and once it is healed, you will be able to pull the hair out without any problems.

  • Special care on sensitive spots: When shaving, it is usually not enough with just shaving in the same direction in which the hair grows, but it also has to be done with utmost care in the areas that tend to be more prone to ingrown hairs. The most sensitive of these areas is usually the region below the jaw-line and the neck.

Other effective preventive measures deal with taking proper care of our skin, which can be achieved with the help of moisturizers and other after-shave products. These will keep the skin soft and will prevent it from drying. It is also highly recommended to change blades every three of four shaves, as well as choosing shaving gels over shaving creams.